Does the Length of the Tubing Affect the Light Output in a Solatube?

Two of the most significant features of the Solatube skylight tube are its high specular reflectance and the ability for the flexible tubing to travel long distances in a building, including through multiple levels. However, does the length of the tubing diminish the light output from the Solatube light tube? Here we look at [...]

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3 Easy Ways to Increase Daylighting in Schools and Childcare Centers

Experts say that daylighting has a greater positive impact on schools than any other sustainable design strategy[1]. Optimizing your daylighting approach can reduce energy costs, increase student engagement, improve health, and boost attendance. However, finding the right way to introduce natural daylight to a school or childcare center is essential to balance costs and [...]

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What’s the Best Type of Daylighting for Office Spaces?

Daylighting is the lighting of a space using natural sunlight instead of electric lighting. Daylighting has many advantages for both office and residential spaces, creating a healthier, more vibrant, and energy-efficient space. But there's more than one way to provide daylighting in an office space. So what's the best type of daylighting for commercial [...]

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Health Benefits of Natural Daylight

Daylight is an essential component to optimum health and wellbeing. Yet with so many of us spending the majority of daylight hours indoors, most of us aren't getting enough exposure to the healthy daylight we need. Daylight helps to boost health and mental performance while also creating more beautiful and inviting living and working [...]

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Complement The Natural Daylighting In Your Home With Artisan Design Pieces

Artisan styling, much like the natural daylighting in our homes, is resurging in popularity in the interior design and home remodeling communities. The overwhelming majority of artisan design pieces are handmade by a skilled craftsman. Artisan pieces are designed precisely and carefully to exhibit the attention to detail, the professionalism, and the personal investment [...]

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What is Daylighting?

As a definition, daylighting is the introduction of natural sunlight into an interior space through the use of windows, skylights and other openings. More than ever, daylighting is prioritized as a feature of construction and remodels, in homes, businesses, schools and industry. Daylighting provides a number of advantages to internal spaces and the [...]

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