Sola-Brite isn’t just a business or a job, it’s our home and we want to welcome you to come in and see the difference.

With over 50 years of combined experience, John and Bill have dedicated themselves to providing high quality customer service and superior products. Through Bill’s background in sales, marketing and customer service, and John’s experience in business planning, finance, and customer service, the two redesigned the Sola-Brite business model beginning in 2006. They knew they had not only found the product they wanted to share with the world after years of searching, but also the opportunity to improve the level of service through exceptional manufacturer support.

Sola-Brite provides free estimates, a top-quality warranty, and a newly remodeled showroom open to the public. Feel free to come in, meet us, and experience how a Solatube tube skylight can enhance your everyday living!

Solatube lobby showing Sola-Brite

Along with the daylighting products, we also offer other energy smart options for your space such as: the Solatube Solar Attic Fan and Solatube Whole House Fan, which remove excess heat and moisture in your space to make you comfortable and prolong the life of your roof and insulation. We also replace Traditional Skylights with Velux “Clean Quiet and Safe Glass” to keep them cleaner for a longer amount of time, plus remote-controlled operable units to bring in fresh air.

With many different options to utilize in your space and the ability to see them in action by visiting our showroom, we know you will love your new addition as much as we love serving you.


Don’t just take our word on how wonderful your new daylighting system will work; come down to our showroom to see for yourself. All of our products are on display, and with the help of our installation experts you can now see them in action throughout our building.

Picture of Sola-Brite
Photo of a wall of Sola-Brite


Our business is a reflection of us as individuals, and our values are strong symbols of who we are and who we strive to be. With every standard we set we hope to create a lasting impression of how we believe we should treat others within our community.

Three people conferring around a Solatube box.


When you are faced with a difficult situation that is when you lean on your integrity. We always do what is right, even when no one is watching. It is our job to set the bar high for ourselves and to correct a problem in order to create a positive outcome for everyone.

Two contractors talking over a sheet of plans.


Quality is a constant pillar; it is who we are. We strive to provide quality products and make sure all of our work and service is of high quality. We strive to provide a consistent level of quality that we would want to experience as customers.

A contractor showing a child and her mother the inside of a Solar Tube.


When you show respect to the people nearest to you, we believe that respect is fostered and reflected back to you. It is our goal to treat all people with the highest level of respect.

A contractor pointing something out on the cieling to his client.


We devote our undivided attention to each customer. We focus on our customers to create an exceptional customer service experience. We believe each customer not only wants our undivided attention, but deserves it.

A contractor unloading a Solatube box from his solar tube installation van.


Things change in life. We continuously move forward with improved product technology and training for our staff to be on the cutting edge.

Contracot holding a


We highly value and thank each one of our customers! Check out what our customers have to say about their experience with Sola-Brite and Solatubes and then call us for your complimentary consultation.

The installer was excellent and he is a credit to your company. The light system added a new look to the hallway. I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs additional lighting.
Sam S., Pleasanton, CA
Fantastic! The Solatube puts out a great deal of natural light and is just what we needed!
Danita & Robert C., Livermore, CA
We love it! So do all who see it. Great job! We are very pleased with the results!
Scott & Martha M., San Ramon, CA
Our installer was neat, timely, and very friendly. [The Solatube is] absolutely terrific. Tons more light in our powder room – wish I had done this years ago!
Jeanie B., Moraga, CA
Your guy did a great job and the installation couldn’t be more appropriate for my den. I am delighted and will keep all the accessories that were left with me in case I desire a change in view. Consider me an advocate for your products.
Gordon C., Livermore, CA
Every was so nice to talk to and very efficient. We love [the Solatubes], its so nice not to have to turn on the lights all the time.
Rich & Joyce S., Brentwood, CA
Love It!! [The Solatube] has changed my dark hall to light and bright.
Mysore G., Walnut Creek, CA
From the fist phone call with Julie asking “How can I brighten your day?” until all three [Solatubes] were installed I was so pleased. Now that I’ve had some trees trimmed, I have just the look I was after. Now I’ll know to look for that when I make recommendations to my clients.
Lynn Gross, Owner, Lynn Gross Designs
First, I wish to compliment your installation consultant Mr. Marty Miller. He recently installed two Sola Tube skylights in our home. In spite of encountering several structural problems with the house, he was able to complete the installation much to our satisfaction. His workmanship and concern for the cleanliness of his work area and our home and furnishings was very satisfying to us–the customer. Second, I wish to express our complete satisfaction with the product and the installation. The amount of light coming into what were formerly quite dark is amazing. I have found myself instinctively reaching for the light switch upon leaving the rooms with the new skylights. When I realize my mistake, a broad smile crosses my face. You should be proud to represent such a great product.
Jay & Elaine U., Oakland, CA
Just a note to thank you for the job done on our new Solatube. Marty, the person that installed the unit did a great job, he showed up on time, got right to work, and took time to place tarps to avoid making a mess. The most important thing was he time to work safely which was important to us. We are very happy with your product and would not hesitate to recommend your company to our friends.
Kenny F., Newark, CA
Fantastic! Unbelievable difference – changes the whole look of the room!
James K., Martinez, CA
I wish to thank you for sending the same gentleman, Marty Miller, who did our initial installation of Solatubes several years ago. Last time, Marty removed a hornet’s nest which he discovered in the attic and today he patched a couple of broken roof shingles with remnants from the second installation saving my husband the repair work. Again thanks for sending Marty to us.
Erika O., San Leandro, CA
We had 30 of the 21” Solatubes with OptiView Diffusers installed in five of our classrooms. Each one of the grant recipients is thrilled with the quality of the natural light. It’s unbelievable. Even on a cloudy day we still have enough light in the classroom. By 9:30 a.m, I turn all the electric lights off. The students have become very energy conscious. They don’t want the electric lights on and are adamant about turning them off. It’s a complete success story. I wish every classroom could have Solatubes.
Cindy Vixnt, Teacher, Del Mar Elementary School
Marty Miller was our installer. He was what every homeowner wants in a contractor. He was on-time, polite, informative, safe, and understood the product and what he was doing. I have high standards, and expect the same for those who perform work on my home. If I purchase other products from Sola-Brite, I would insist on have Marty perform the work.
Woody H., San Leandro, CA
Both Harry & Mike are very nice, pleasant and courteous – great guys. We love [the Solatube], it’s just like having a light on during the daytime all the time.
Charlie T., Concord, CA
Bill is great! He came to our house and gave an estimate, we scheduled. Our hallway in a newer house was long and extremely dark! It has come to life with these bright tubes! Before the tubes we couldn’t see our brown dog Biscuit because he blended in with the hardwood floor! This product is amazing!
Toothfairy, Danville, CA
Great product! Had 2 installed on our house and it’s amazing how much natural light it brings in. But the tubes themselves are only half the story. Bill Creasi the salesman is incredible. He friendly knowledgeable professional it was a pleasure working with him. But the most impressive thing was. I had a small issue with some of the install work. Bill came right out and handled the issue personally. Can’t say enough about the sola-tubes and can not say enough about Bill. 5 stars across the board!!!!! Thanks Bill.
Ramon V, Concord, CA
We had 3 sola tubes installed in the house, one in the dark hallway and 2 in the living room, we could not be more impressed with the performance of the product and even more happy with the installers, Marty and Ken kept the project clean throughout job with minimal mess, the rooms are bright but not overly, thanks Sola-Brite! We are happy costumers!
Rich P., Brentwood, CA