Solar attic fans offer the ideal way to keep your attic cool and protect your home from heat during the hottest months. Solar attic fans can also protect your roof and home structure during winter by balancing indoor and outdoor temperatures. By relying only on the power of the sun, a solar attic fan works the strongest on the hottest days when you need ventilation while conserving mains electricity. So, when should you install your solar attic fan? With Spring upon us, this mild season is the perfect time to install your solar attic fan.

How to Install a Solar Attic Fan

Before we can understand why Spring is the best time to install a solar attic fan, we need to understand the installation process. Installing a solar attic fan is relatively quick and simple and experienced DIYers can even install a solar attic fan themselves. However, for best results call your local solar attic fan experts for a professional evaluation of your home for the ideal placement and a safe installation.

In modern solar attic fan units, the photovoltaic panel is attached to the fan for easy installation. You can use an existing opening in the roof or you may need to saw a hole in your roof to install the fan.

The fan needs to be firmly screwed down and sealed to prevent leakage. An accurate adjustment of your solar panel angle ensures the best results for powering your fan.

Why You Should Install Your Solar Attic Fan in Spring

  1. You’ll Be Ready for Summer (And Winter)

An image of a home attic fan.The season where your solar attic fan is most essential is in summer. By installing your solar attic fan in spring you’ll be ready for the hottest summer days and you’ll already be prepared as the weather starts to warm up.

But summer isn’t the only time a solar attic fan is useful. Solar attic fans can help reduce condensation and ice dams during winter. By installing your solar attic fan in spring, you’ll be ready for the incoming summer and the colder winter months that will follow.

  1. There’s Less Rain

Because installing a solar attic fan involves opening a hole in your roof, you will want to ensure to build in your solar attic fan at a time where there is a low chance of rain. While you might expect the least rain in summer, summer is not the best time to install a solar attic fan due to high demand. Spring has the perfect blend of conditions to allow you to install your solar attic fan safely and to maximize the benefits before the beginning of summer.

  1. Better Conditions for Installation

To find the ideal placement for your solar attic fan, you will need to locate an area on your roof that has the best sun exposure where the solar panel can collect energy. Doing this in a dark and cloudy season can be difficult. In spring, the sun is moving into a position where it will sustain throughout summer, so it’s the ideal time to assess the placement of your solar attic fan.

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  1. No Last Minute Rush

Are you thinking of leaving your solar attic fan installation until the summer? So is everyone else! Avoid the last minute rush and be prepared for summer by having your solar attic fan installed now.

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