What is Daylighting?


As a definition, daylighting is the introduction of natural sunlight into an interior space through the use of windows, skylights and other openings. More than ever, daylighting is prioritized as a feature of construction and remodels, in homes, businesses, schools and industry. Daylighting provides a number of advantages to internal spaces and the people that use them. Here we take a closer look at all the benefits of daylighting, and why daylighting is important for your home or business.

Woman on a beach with her hands in the airWhy Daylighting Is Beneficial

Daylighting is favored in both residential and commercial spaces as an energy efficient and healthy source of light. Daylighting reduces or eliminates the need for electric lighting, reducing energy usage. This can help homeowners or businesses save hundreds on energy usage each year, and it is a friendlier lighting solution for our environment.

Daylight is also better for our health. Our eyes have developed to be accustomed to natural sunlight. Daylight supports proper eye development, reduces eye strain and fatigue, improves concentration and boosts mood and wellbeing. Studies have also shown that daylighting in workplaces and classrooms improves productivity and reduces sick days.

How Daylighting is Achieved

As mentioned earlier, daylighting is achieved by building or installing windows, skylights or other openings to allow natural light into interior spaces. Windows provide a good source of natural daylight in exposed office buildings or homes. However, windows can diminish the energy efficiency of a building if they are not properly sealed, and double or triple paned.

Traditional skylights can offer a source of natural light to areas that might not have windows, such as hallways or bathrooms. However, traditional skylights are constructed in the same way as windows and promote the same energy losses. Tube skylights are an energy efficient solution that’s fully sealed to prevent heat losses and gains, while also being able to introduce daylight to even the darkest inner spaces. Tube skylights are a more energy efficient, economical and effective daylighting skylight solution.

Potential Drawbacks of DaylightingPhoto of a contemporary living room and dining area lit by solar tubes

While there are so many benefits of lighting your home or business naturally with sunlight, there can be some drawbacks to daylighting as well. Unfiltered daylight, such as that which passes through a window or traditional skylight can cause heat gain and glare. This can contribute to eye strain and overheating of internal spaces. Windows and traditional skylights may also be inadequately sealed and produce insulation “weak” spots. This can contribute to increased need for heating and cooling energy, and often counteracts the energy saving benefits of eliminating electric lighting.

Fortunately, tube skylights avoid this issue by filtering strong sunlight to avoid glare and overheating. Because the roof opening for light tubes is so small, there is minimal impact on home insulation, making Solatubes the most environmentally friendly daylighting solution.

How Daylighting Applies to Your Space

Daylighting can provide a number of benefits to your space, whether you’re a homeowner or running a business. Boosting concentration and wellbeing in the workplace, while saving energy and keeping you healthy at home, daylighting is perfect for all spaces.


Talk to a daylighting professional or a skylight expert about how you can effectively introduce more daylight into your space.

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