Solatubes allow for natural and energy efficient light in your home or office. This is accomplished by combining high-quality Solatube materials with cutting-edge technology, such as the Smart LED system. Solatubes can reduce electricity usage, save you money, and give you the natural light needed to boost your energy and mood. When you decide to upgrade your home or business with Solatubes, consider these top five locations for installation.


Many families spend plenty of time in the kitchen making meals for the family and doing homework at the kitchen table. For this reason, kitchens are a great space in which to install a Solatube Smart LED system. With the natural lighting of a Solatube, time spent in the kitchen will feel more comfortable. For some people, kitchens receive frequent, yet sporadic use throughout the day and nighttime hours, so adding the Smart LED feature can also be helpful to ensure stable light whenever hunger strikes.


When you walk around your home or office spaces, you may pass through hallways (and down stairways). If every-time you do so, you turn on and off the light, you will increase your electric bill. Dark and dimly lit hallways can be dangerous, creating falls and trip hazards which should be avoided in both office and home environments. Solatubes are a great solution. During the daytime, they give natural lighting to those otherwise dark hallways. With the Smart LED system and Occupancy Sensor, they can also offer automatic light at night.

Solatube best place in home


Bathrooms are an excellent location to install a Solatube system for both homes and offices. Bathrooms receive frequent use, which means people are often flipping on the light. Solatubes can offer natural, comfortable, and stable lighting in your bathroom during the busiest hours of the day. With the Solatube Smart LED system, you can ensure quality bathroom lighting at night as well. When you place a Solatube in the bathroom, the Ventilation Add-On Kit can also help to manage humidity. If you want ventilation and night-time lighting, there are additional options.

Waiting Area

If your place of business includes an indoor waiting area with no windows, you can use a Solatube Daylight System to make that space feel more comfortable and reduce your monthly overhead costs. Your clients will enjoy the natural lighting while they wait. If your business has evening hours or if you live in parts of the country that are frequently overcast, you might consider adding on the Smart LED system to boost natural daylight and keep your waiting areas or common areas beautifully lit.

Conference Room

Most people are not thrilled to attend meetings, especially in cold and sterile conference rooms. If your workplace has one or more conference rooms, use a Solatube Daylight System to improve the aesthetics of those spaces and the productivity of your staff. If you select the Smart LED system, you will have ample lighting for early morning and evening meetings. Depending on the size of the conference room, you may need to add Secondary Units to ensure adequate light throughout the space.

Choosing a Solatube skylight is the ideal way to add beautiful, natural light to your home or office space while minimizing your electricity usage and costs. Talk to the experts at Solabrite today to learn more ways that natural daylight can transform your home or office space.

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