If you have added the luxury of natural daylight to your home with a Velux skylight, you may wonder how much maintenance your skylight will require. For the most part, Velux skylights should not need much maintenance. The high-quality construction is intended to last for years. However, you will likely need to clean your skylight, and the methods will depend on what the skylight is made of. You may also need to occasionally repaint the mounting for your skylight to reseal the wood. Here are 4 techniques to help you take care of your Velux skylights, so they add beautiful sunlight to your home for years to come.

1. Cleaning Glass

If your skylight is made of glass, either tempered or laminated, the cleaning process is quite easy. You will only need to use mild soap and water. If the glass is particularly dirty, you can use a specialized glass cleaner. When cleaning, be careful not to use an abrasive pad or cloth, to avoid scratching the glass. You also should not use any blade or sharp object to remove debris, as it could damage the glass.

2. Cleaning Acrylic

If you have an acrylic skylight, the cleaning process needs to be done more carefully. Under no circumstances should you use a glass cleaner or anything with an alcohol or petroleum base. These substances could dissolve the acrylic, weakening the structural integrity of your skylight. Also, do not use anything abrasive because acrylic can scratch very easily. Use only water and soap or detergent and a soft cloth.

3. Cleaning Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate skylights are considered the strongest you can buy, but they are susceptible to failure and fogging if cleaned improperly. Never use a cleaning product containing acetone, alkaline, benzene, or carbon tetrachloride on a polycarbonate skylight. Under the wrong conditions, these products can cause the polycarbonate to crack, and at the very least they will discolor it, giving it a permanently foggy look.

Additionally, do not use a sharp instrument or a squeegee to clean off a polycarbonate skylight. These implements can cause hairline scratches. Those hairline scratches, if you have many of them, will cause the light to bounce through at odd angles and can reduce the effectiveness of your skylight.

4. General Maintenance

Deck mounted skylights that are made of wood should be painted to help protect the wood from moisture damage. These may need repainting every few years to help reseal the wood and give the frame a fresh, new look. White paint is suggested to make the opening look larger, as opposed to darker colors that can look like shadows and make the opening of the skylight appear smaller. If your roof is flat, you will also need to inspect the seam around your Velux skylight occasionally to check for leaks or cracks.

Because of the shape, structure, and composition of Velux skylights, these particular cleaning instructions should be followed to preserve and maintain their integrity. Maintain your Velux skylights regularly to ensure leaks and damage do not develop, and to enjoy the best sunlight transfer from your Velux skylights.

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