If you have selected Solatube products to bring more natural light into your home, you have made an excellent choice. The Solatube products and professional installers ensure long-lasting quality for your home and family.

Solatube is well known for the quality of their products. Quality products and proper installation are essential. However, things can go wrong even with the best quality materials and construction. In those situations, you might wonder whether your products will be under warranty and what protections you might have for product repair and replacement.

Solatube does warranty many product features, for varying lengths of time, depending on the particular feature. Here we learn more about Solatube Warranties and what they mean for you.

What is Covered Under a 10 Year Warranty?

Solatube covers many items under a ten-year warranty time frame. This includes parts such as domes, roof flashing bases, diffusers, diffuser ceiling mounts, reflective tubing, plastic, rubber seals/gaskets, metal seals/gaskets, tapes, and fasteners.

QuietCool whole house fan

For the Solar Star Attic Fan System, Solatube also provides a ten-year warranty on these components: metal housing, roof flashing bases, fan blade, plastic, and seals/gaskets.

What is Covered Under A 3-5 Year Warranty?

A few Solatube components are covered under a three-year warranty. These include Smart LED Driver, LEDs, daylight sensor, and occupancy center. Items with a five-year warranty include light add-on kit, ventilation add-on kit, daylight dimmer, solar panel, and solar panel monitor.

What is Not Covered Under Warranty?

Solatube, like most companies, cannot warranty items that failed because they were not installed by trained and skilled servicemen. Faulty installation from other providers, who did not follow Solatube instructions, is not covered by the warranty. In general, the costs associated with labor and installation are also not covered under warranty. That’s why it’s best to choose a certified Solatube dealer when having your Solatube skylight installed.

Solatube also does not provide warranty for damage or defects due to shipping errors or improper handling, cleaning, accidents, intentional acts, misuse, abuse, or other circumstances beyond the control of Solatube (sometimes called Acts of God by insurance companies). Solatube cannot warranty products damaged by stress from local application of heat or the movement of building/build components. Solatube also cannot cover the costs associated with condensation or water damage.

What Does This Mean For You?

When selecting Solatube products have them installed by trained professionals such as the experts at SolaBrite. This way you can be assured the process is completed correctly and that any problems will be covered under warranty. If you face challenges or need repair, contact SolaBrite to be sure the repairs are done correctly. This includes having the Solatube components re-installed if you get new roofing.

Take care of your Solatube products following the instructions. Some components are self-cleaning, but if you notice a build up of dirt or debris carefully clean with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. When you follow the instructions, you are less likely to see problems and if problems do occur they are more likely to be covered by the warranty to ensure the longevity and optimum function of your Solatube skylights for years to come.

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