What Size Solar Tube Is Right For Your Space?

Installing tube skylights is one of the most energy efficient and cost effective ways to light your home naturally. Not to mention, natural sunlight can breathe new life into a space and illuminate even the darkest corners of your home. But you may still be left wondering “What size solar tube do I need?” Solatube tube skylights come in several different sizes and diameters to match your room size and light fitting needs. By considering the size of your space, the level of brightness you want for your rooms and the length of tubing required, you can find the right size tube skylight for your needs.

Living room with very little natural lightConsider The Room

Choosing the right size solar tube depends on analyzing the room where you plan to install the skylights. Evaluate the square footage of the room, and where current light fittings are within the room. Is this a room where you need an abundance of light, such as the kitchen where food preparation is conducted? Or will an average level of light be enough?

It can also be helpful to consider the placement of the light collection domes on the roof to establish how much sunlight will be entering the tube. This will help you envision how bright the light source will be within the room. Getting the right tube placement is essential, so discuss this component of your solar tube installation with your expert Solatube consultant.

Placement of Skylights

You may wish to place your solar tube skylights in the same location as existing electric light fittings. For general use, skylights placed in the middle of the room provide an ideal amount of ambient light throughout the room. However, you may wish to place a tube skylight directly over work intensive areas in your home, such as the kitchen bench or bathroom mirror.

Likewise, your skylight placement can create a special effect, such as a shower tube skylight. The placement of your tube skylights and the number of skylights you plan to install in each room will determine the required size of skylight you need. Talking your needs over with a Solatube professional can help you find the right balance of skylight number and size.

Skylight Size and PerformancePyramid shaped glass architecture

Ultimately, the size of solar tube skylight you need depends on both the number of skylights in the room and the size of your room. The Solatube 160DS Skylight is perfect for hallways, bathrooms, laundries and smaller spaces, covering 150-200 sq ft of room space. The Solatube 290DS Skylight is designed for bigger spaces like open plan kitchen and living areas, large bedrooms and garages. The Solatube 290DS skylight illuminates 250-300 sq ft of space in your home.

A Solatube skylight professional can provide a detailed inspection of your home to accurately identify your skylight size choice to provide the right level of light for your space.

Length of Tubing

Although Solatube reflective tubing has the industry’s highest specular reflectivity at 99.7%, it’s important to remember that longer tubing can impact the brightness of the light. If you wish to brighten a room that’s very deep in your home, you may need to choose the more powerful Solatube skylight for the best results.

By carefully evaluating your rooms and lighting needs and consulting with a Solatube daylighting professional, you can choose the right size Solatube skylight for optimal daylighting performance.

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