Hot air in your roof space can cause a variety of systemic problems throughout your home. While you may not be aware of the effects of roof space heat, the consequences are evident when you end up paying thousands for climate control, home repairs, and replacements. Managing roof space heat can be tricky, but fortunately, there are efficient and cost-effective ways to reduce roof space heat and save on your utility bills.

Why Is Roof Space Heat A Problem?

Heat in your roof space can accumulate and escalate quickly. As the sun directly hits the surface of your roof, it heats the air under the roof surface. In a roof space that’s sealed from the rest of the house the air temperature in the roof space can rise quickly, as hot air has no chance to escape without ventilation.

Excess heat in your roof space can make your home cooling systems work harder and cause damage to your roof structure. Hot air trapped in your roof space acts as a heat insulator which can heat the rest of your home through the ceiling. If you’re trying to cool your home, fighting against roof space heat will drive up your home cooling bills costing you hundreds of extra dollars just to make your home comfortable.

Excess roof heat can also cause damage to the physical structure of your roof. Excess roof heat can cause warped roof sheathing leading to deterioration of roof trusses over time. In winter, a lack of ventilation can mean heat gets trapped inside the roof space leading to ice dams which can cause costly damage to roofs. Excess heat in the roof space contrasted with cooler air outside can lead to condensation forming which can also contribute to water damage and decay in your roof or elsewhere in your home.

The Solution: Attic Ventilation

With the potential costs of utilities and damage due to roof space heat adding up to thousands of dollars, you want to find a solution to manage excess roof space heat. The underlying cause of roof space heat is lack of ventilation – hot air in the roof space can’t escape, so it continues to circulate getting hotter and hotter.

Adding roof ventilation helps to remove excess roof space heat, easily avoiding the excess utility costs associated with roof heat and reducing the risk of damage to your roof. While you could choose electric-powered attic fans, these will still add to your electricity bill and can often be too powerful, pulling cooled air out of your living space and outside through the roof.

The ideal solution is a solar-powered attic fan, such as the Solatube Solar Star Attic Fan. Solar-powered attic fans rely only on the energy of the sun, so they don’t add to your electricity bill. Because they power up when the sun is out, they work hardest on the hottest and brightest days, when you mostly need attic ventilation.

Once you install a solar attic fan, there are minimal ongoing costs as the fan only relies on natural solar energy with no utility costs.

Reduce the costs associated with the heating and cooling of your home, and avoid roof damage by choosing a solar powered attic fan to reduce roof space heat.

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