How To Remove Your Solar Tube Diffuser For Easy Cleaning And Repairs

One of the greatest benefits of Solatube skylights is that they are extremely easy to care for and maintain. In fact, due to the fully enclosed design and the Solatube’s unique watertight construction and impact resistant composition, cleaning should not be necessary for properly installed Solatube skylights. Occasionally Solatubes can become clouded by dust and debris. You may notice this in the form of diminished light brightness and light quality, or noticeable debris collecting in your Solatube diffuser. However, this is more likely to be a sign that your Solatube has not been installed properly. Here we look at why Solatubes are so easy to maintain, how to identify if your Solatube needs cleaning, and the steps you should take to maintain your Solatube correctly.

Contractor working on a Solatube brand solar tube.Why Solar Tubes Are So Easy to Maintain

A properly installed Solatube skylight should require no cleaning at all. Homeowners with Solatubes reported that even after enjoying natural daylight from their tube skylights for more than 15 years, no extra cleaning has been required.

Solatube skylights are so easy to maintain because of their unique and innovative design. The Solatube dome consists of a solid one piece construction which is resistant to dirt, dust, water and debris. The connections between each component of the Solatube skylight are water tight so no dust or dirt can gain access. Additionally, the Solatube is constructed of strong, secure impact resistant material. This means that cracking, damage and leaks are less likely to occur. Often, no maintenance or cleaning will be required. Solatubes usually last for decades with no need for cleaning, repairs or maintenance, unlike other types of skylights which can require regular cleaning and are often prone to leaks and damage.

What If My Solatube Does Need Cleaning?

If you notice dust, debris, dirt or insects collecting in your Solatube, you may think your Solatube needs cleaning. However, this is a sign your Solatube may require some maintenence. Over time, the tape that secures the tubing together can come loose due to humidity in your attic or other factors. This allows dust to collect. This can occur with DIY installation jobs. Call a Solatube dealer to perform a “tune up” so that your Solatube stays clean and functional.

How to Clean a SolatubeBlue cleaning cloth

You may need to occasionally dust the exterior of your Solatube diffuser. However, it’s important to do this gently and only if necessary. It’s best to avoid removing the diffusers if you can. This preventws damage to the glass lenses on some Solatubes.

However, if you do find your Solatube hasn’t been properly installed, you may need to gently clean the diffuser. Some diffusers twist off, and some pull down. Be sure to confirm your diffuser type with the manufacturer before attempting to clean it. To clean, lightly wipe or dust off the diffuser and lens with a lint-free and soft cloth. However, it’s important to ensure that any issues with your Solatube are corrected by appropriately adjusting and reinstalling your tube skylights to avoid the Solatubes becoming unclean again.

Most tube skylights need little or no cleaning to be properly maintained. If you are concerned about the condition of your Solatube, it’s a good idea to clean your Solatube carefully. Speak to your local Solatube dealer about ensuring your Solatube has been properly installed for safety and cleanliness.

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