Skylights are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners for their ability to be a source of natural daylight that reduces the need for electric lighting and creates a beautiful atmosphere. With growing interest in creating environmentally friendly homes and reducing utility usage, natural daylighting is a priority for remodelers, builders and new home buyers. But how much can tube skylights really save when it comes to installation, energy costs and maintenance? Here we look at exactly how a tube skylight can save you money, while brightening and beautifying your home.

tube skylight installationInstallation

Tube skylights are cheaper to purchase and install than traditional skylights, allowing you to begin saving money straight away. Tube skylight installation can be half the cost of traditional skylight installation, and tube skylights can be installed in a fraction of the time. If you are fairly handy yourself and comfortable working on a roof, you can even install a light tube yourself, and save even more. Tube skylights save you money because they don’t require complex work or alterations to drywall, paint and roof structure to install. With an installation that costs less and can be finished in less than 1 hour, solar tube skylights save you time and money.

Utility Savings

Of course, one of the main reasons that homeowners want to include tube skylights in their home is to take advantage of utility savings. Traditional skylights can often do more harm than good when it comes to saving energy, because although they allow natural daylight into your home, they can seriously affect the insulation in your home and drive your heating and cooling costs up.

Effectively placed tube skylights don’t interfere with your insulation, and can completely eliminate your need for electric lighting during the day, allowing you to take advantage of natural sunlight instead. By switching to tube skylights for the daytime and an integrated energy efficient LED light system for the night time, you can save from 70% to 90% on your lighting costs straight away. Saving on your energy bill is great for you hip pocket, and it’s also great for the environment.

tube skylight maintenanceMaintenance

Because traditional skylights are square and flat against the roof, they tend to be prone to collecting leaves and debris and requiring maintenance to mend cracks, rust or fragile parts. This process can be quite laborious and costly, depending on the exposure of your roof to leaves, snow, rainwater or other sources of debris.

Tube skylights have a dome shaped light collection point that is self-cleaning and naturally resists debris build up. Light tubes are composed of an impact resistant material and solid one piece construction that allows them to be longer lasting and more durable. Light tubes last for years without any maintenance, care or cleaning, and the only upkeep that is generally required is a simple light dusting of the tube light fixture inside the home. This means that light tubes help you save money with minimal maintenance and cleaning costs.

Tube skylights have many advantages, from providing better quality daylighting to creating a more beautiful ambience in your home, but tube skylights are perhaps most valued for the savings they offer. Call your local Solatube skylight dealer today to learn more about how tube skylights can save you on installation, utility and maintenance costs for better daylighting.