Glass, acrylic or polycarbonate? Traditional, tube or opening? Velux, Wasco or Solatube? With many options, choosing the right skylight for your home can be a challenge.

Solatube skylights offer the ideal combination of benefits with pure sunlight, sturdy and resilient construction, and easy installation making them a popular choice. But, is a Solatube the right choice for your home? Here’s how to find out.

Do Your Research Online

Before you make your choice of a skylight, it’s important to learn as much as you can about the benefits and characteristics of a Solatube skylight. Solatube skylights are unique in that they are ‘light tunnels’, which capture the maximum amount of natural daylight and transport it with 99.7% specular reflectivity into any living space in your home. With over 25 years of experience daylighting homes around the world there is a wealth of information online to help you determine whether Solatube skylights are right for you. It’s also a good idea to compare similar products from other companies and see how the quality of the Solatube stacks up. You can find the information most relevant to you by searching your local area and Solatube keywords, such as Pleasanton Solatube, Dublin solar tube lighting, Livermore tubular skylights, or Solatube reviews near me.

Visit A Solatube Dealer

A Solatube dealer is your local expert on Solatube skylights and daylighting options. By visiting a Solatube Premier Dealer showroom, you can get a first-hand look at the full range of Solatube skylights, add-on’s, and options to help you find the right choice for your needs. The Certified Installation Consultants can help you run through extra possibilities like dimmers, light kits, solar night lights, ventilation systems, and ceiling fixtures in which you can modify the Solatube skylight. By being exposed to the full range of options you can start to envision how a Solatube would fit into your home.

See the Solatube In Action

Before you choose a Solatube skylight for yourself you’ll want to see it in action. Home improvement shows, building industry trade shows, and remodeling/building fairs often have installations of Solatube products on display so you can see how it works. There may even be mock-up structures at trade shows or showrooms that let you know what a Solatube skylight looks like when installed. Some certified Solatube dealers can also provide references and testimonials from other homeowners that have Solatube systems installed, so you can hear how Solatube has improved their home.

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Get a Personalized Home Consultation

How Do I Know if a Solatube is Right for Me-BodyFinally, you’ll want a personalized in-home Solatube consultation before you decide if the Solatube skylight is right for you. An experienced Solatube Certified Installation Consultant will come to your home and evaluate your structure and layout to help advise the best choice of Solatube skylight for you. Your consultant can offer ideas for different skylight placements, add-ons and, accessories that will improve your experience, up to date details on federal tax credits and rebates, and any other discounts or special offers that might be available to you. The 30% Federal Solar Energy Tax Credit is still available for installations that include a photo-voltaic component, so act fast to take advantage of this limited benefit for Solatube installation.

Solatube skylights offer a wide range of benefits in their construction, performance and, add-on’s, so do your research and talk to a consultant now about whether a Solatube is right for you.

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