How Daylighting Helps Create Better Business

Daylighting using skylights or windows has been shown to be extremely beneficial for businesses. Not only does daylighting allow business to harness natural sunlight as a light source to save on energy, it also makes businesses more appealing for both workers and customers. Daylighting provides an ideal solution to help businesses save on resources and costs, while capitalizing on better productivity, reduced losses and greater sales. Here we look at examples of how daylighting can be incorporated into businesses, and the benefits for each individual business type.

daylighting saves businessesHow Daylighting Saves Businesses

For businesses looking to scale back expenditure and boost profits, daylighting can be the ideal solution. Daylighting saves businesses on their lighting and electricity bill by providing free, natural daylight. Lighting is one of the biggest contributors to commercial energy usage, accounting for up to 34% of a business’s electricity bill. Of course, it’s important that this direct sunlight is filtered to reduce heat gain and glare. Unfiltered sunlight can drive up energy usage for air conditioning. Likewise, too many windows or traditional skylights can weaken insulation, driving up heating bills. Choosing a skylight that filters sunlight and preserves your insulation, such as a solar tube skylight, is ideal for businesses wanting to save money on electricity and lighting usage.

Benefits of Daylighting in Retail Stores

Daylighting has been shown to have distinct advantages in retail stores, both for conserving lighting energy and boosting sales. Natural daylight provides better color rendering making products more appealing to customers, while relaxing customers and improving the retail environment promotes increased sales too. Studies researching the effect of daylighting in retail stores found that natural, glare-free daylight contributed to as much as a 40% improvement in sales. This kind of effect is very beneficial for retail stores, not only making your store a more welcoming environment, but improving business as well.

Benefits of Daylighting in Warehousesbenefits of daylighting in warehouses

Warehouses require an extraordinary amount of electricity to keep well-lit and functional. Even if your warehouse is very large, interspersing artificial lighting with skylights can help to reduce the energy bill significantly. Temperature control is often critical in warehouses. Business owners often shy away from daylighting for this reason. However, tube skylights which help to protect your interior space from heat gain and glare are the ideal solution for daylighting warehouses.

Benefits of Daylighting in Offices

The benefits of daylighting in business offices can be directly experienced by both business owners and employees. Natural daylighting reduces lighting energy usage while promoting a healthy work environment and improving productivity. Research has shown that daylighting offices can save up to 25% of lighting electricity usage. Exposure to natural daylight has also been shown to improve employee productivity and reduce absenteeism for better performance and business outcomes.

Daylighting has many benefits for a range of different business types, however it’s essential to get your approach to daylighting right in order to experience the greatest benefits. Choosing a daylighting solution that incorporates sunlight while reducing heat gain and glare, such as a tube skylight, improves profits and performance for businesses while reducing energy usage.

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