5 Signs it’s Time to Replace your Skylights

Whether it’s a cosmetic or functional fault, when you have an issue with your skylights it can affect the way you enjoy your daylighting. Skylights are generally a great investment that bring clear, natural daylight into your home for years to come. However, like many features in your home, they [...]

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5 Benefits of using a Tube Skylight to Brighten Your Home

Have the winter months left your home feeling dismal and gray? As spring arrives you may be starting to think of ways to improve your home, and making it a more inviting place to be in any season. One way to improve your home is with tube skylights, which offer [...]

Take Care of your Velux Skylights with These 4 Techniques

If you have added the luxury of natural daylight to your home with a Velux skylight, you may wonder how much maintenance your skylight will require. For the most part, Velux skylights should not need much maintenance. The high-quality construction is intended to last for years. However, you will likely [...]

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5 Benefits that Daylighting Has Over Artificial Lighting

Homes and office spaces are often built without sufficient windows, and many of the buildings we live in and use every day just don’t get enough natural light. While we all know that natural lighting is better than artificial lighting, this reality often doesn’t factor into building design. Fortunately, Solatube [...]

What’s the Difference Between Smart LED Primary and Secondary Unit

The Solatube Smart LED System is a revolutionary day and night home lighting solution. The cutting-edge design reduces lighting energy use by 94%. This system combines Solatube’s daylighting methods, (which bring natural light to any room of your home) with LED technology, to give you cost-effective, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly lighting [...]

Top Places in Your Home or Office to Install Solatubes

Solatubes allow for natural and energy efficient light in your home or office. This is accomplished by combining high-quality Solatube materials with cutting-edge technology, such as the Smart LED system. Solatubes can reduce electricity usage, save you money, and give you the natural light needed to boost your energy and mood. When you decide [...]

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The Pros and Cons of Velux Skylights

Are you looking for more ways to get natural daylight into your home?  A skylight is often an excellent option for increasing the amount of sunlight you receive. Velux skylights are a brand of traditional skylights. Many homeowners view traditional skylights as merely a window on the roof. However, a skylights benefits and its [...]

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Solatube Warranties and What That Means For You

If you have selected Solatube products to bring more natural light into your home, you have made an excellent choice. The Solatube products and professional installers ensure long-lasting quality for your home and family. Solatube is well known for the quality of their products. Quality products and proper installation are essential. However, things can [...]

Solatube Solar Electric NightLight vs. Solatube Daylighting System

One of the most significant strengths of a company like Solatube is that they offer a range of innovative products to match each unique need and requirement. The Solatube Solar Electric NightLight is an example of this beneficial innovation and design that makes Solatube the most prominent skylight brand. Here we examine the differences [...]

How Many Lumens Does a Solatube Put Out?

When it comes to lights and skylights, many people want to know just how bright they will be once installed in a home or office space. One way to measure the brightness of light or skylight is through lumens. But regarding lumens, just how bright is the light from a Solatube skylight? Here we [...]