Best Ways to Brighten Up Compact Spaces

The construction and design themes we encounter today make our living spaces more limited and congested. We often have less space than the materials that we want to put into our space. It is important to maximize the smaller spaces in our homes by preventing our smaller spaces from becoming too dark or too cramped. Creating more space in your small room can be overwhelming. Choosing the proper design, features and lighting can make any desired space in your home brighter and bigger.

Expand with Color


The proper color variation is always a great option to create a brighter, and seemingly larger room. The mistake of too much color variation can hoard space in a small room. Generally, lighter colors make a room appear large. It is important to focus on the walls and the ceilings. Light-colored walls will add width in small room and light colored ceilings will add height to a small room. A few bright-colored features with carefully selected dark-colored features will provide contrast that is both stylish and practical.

Lighten Up
Lighting can be a valuable resource to increase size and comfort to a small room. Often, small rooms lack adequate light because they may have small windows, or because they are completely internal and do not have any windows. Tube skylights are a practical option as an additional light source for natural daylighting for internal rooms, or rooms with small windows. Tube skylights are special because they can bring daylight to any level of a home. Tube skylights are particularly useful for rooms short on space because they are compact and energy efficient.

The illusion of Space


Though it may seem difficult creating more space in a small room without construction, creating the illusions of space in a small room is quite easy. When it comes to creating the illusion of space, it is no smoke and all mirrors! Adding mirrors to a room does not take much space, is a quick and easy task, and is an affordable option for most budgets. The trick to using mirrors in your small room is all about placement. Placing large mirrors on the walls, in the corners of the room, or opposite the windows and doors of the room can add light and give the impression of added space.

Get Creative
Finding the balance or art or color will create fun, playful and interesting effects in a small room. Playing with colors, experimenting with lighting and adding few feature pieces is a great strategy to capture interest in your small room. Lighting design experts recommend varying light levels, and including natural and artificial light to boost eye health and prevent eye fatigue. Low wattage decorative lighting, such as a lamp, are helpful to provide contrast and provide an intriguing feature. Experimenting with light levels can give a small room interesting effects and ambiance. Varied light levels will make a small room appear larger and more inviting, bringing pleasure to your eyes and peace to your mind.

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