The Benefits of Solar Vacuum Tubes

Solar Vacuum Tubes

Solar tubes are a tremendously popular, energy efficient energy solution for homes and workplaces across the country. A veteran, and yet emerging force in the solar community are the solar vacuum tubes. Solar Vacuum Tubes are known for their energy-efficiency prowess and they are quickly becoming highly sought after solutions by home owners and business owners looking improve the functionality and appearance of their homes and workplaces.

The History of Solar Vacuum Tubes

Solar vacuum tubes, or evacuated solar tubes have long been amongst the most productive and efficient solar tubes and solar power options. Upon their arrival to the market, and for many years, solar vacuum tubes had been significantly more expensive than other solar options, making them an unrealistic and impractical option for many consumers considering solar energy. In recent years, a shift in the supply and demand dynamics for solar products, and updates in manufacturing methods have made solar vacuum tubes less expensive and more available.


What are Solar Vacuum Tubes

Solar vacuum tubes convert energy from the sunlight and water to create heat to be used for energy. Solar vacuum tubes can be broken down into two main categories; open vacuum tubes and heat pipe vacuum tubes. Open vacuum tubes and heat pipe tubes rely heavily on water and sunlight as energy sources, and are highly effective energy producers. There are seemingly minor, but very important differences between the types of tubes, and each type of tube has an area of specialty. We will now explore the benefits of each type of solar vacuum tube and allow you to determine which solar tubes might be the best fit in specific areas of your home or office.

Open Vacuum Tubes

Open vacuum tubes rely on a process called thermos-siphoning. Open vacuum tubes require water to fill the vacuum tube, where it is then heated within the tube by sunlight. Because pools and spas literally a have built in water source, they are the perfect area on your property to use open vacuum solar tubes. Open vacuum tubes are not ideal for heating the water in your home, due to their lack of ability to withstand the pressure in your home energy and water system. Open vacuum tubes are ideal for warmer areas. Unlike most heating systems, there is so need for any type of metal piping, which reduces cost and installation time.

Heat Pipe Vacuum Tubes

The major difference between open vacuum tubes and heat pipe vacuum tubes is their relation to water. As we just found out, open vacuum tubes allow water to enter and fill the tubes. Heat pipe vacuum tubes use water as an energy source, but do not allow water to enter the tube. Heat pipe vacuums, as they sound, require the heating of copper pipes within the tubes. Copper effectively creates heat, turning into solar energy and power. The heat producing nature of the copper piping within these vacuums allows them to function well in colder climates, and in larger scale water and energy systems.

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