Natural sunlight has many amazing properties, and it’s truly a necessity for us to have adequate exposure to natural light in order to enjoy complete health. We know some of the ways that sunlight is useful for our physical health, including boosting Vitamin D levels and encouraging healthy eye development, but what about our mental health? In fact, natural daylight helps to boost our mood and protect our mental health in a variety of ways, providing more evidence that incorporating daylighting with tube skylights in your home is beneficial for your health and happiness.

  1. Exposure to Natural Light Prevents Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a form of depression that is common in fall and winter and is correlated with a decreasing amount of available daylight at this time of year. Exposure to daylight is so tied in to human health, that a lack of exposure can actually contribute to depressive feelings for some of us. In winter and fall when days are shorter, many of us miss out on the natural daylight of the morning and evening, and spend all day indoor in offices and schools, so our exposure to natural light decreases.

Installing tube skylights and increasing access to natural light while indoors during the day in winter and fall can help to offset the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder and keep mood boosted throughout the year.

  1. Boosts Concentration

Studies have shown that natural sunlight availability in both office workplaces and school classrooms helps to boost concentration, which translates to an increase in productivity and academic success. Schools across the nation are now increasingly adding tublar skylights to classrooms in the knowledge of this effect, and many offices and workplaces are following suit. Better concentration means better work, and contributes to feelings of success and satisfaction with school and employment.

  1. Workplace Happiness

The addition of sun tubes in offices and warehouses helps to improve workplace happiness and job satisfaction, as employees enjoy a more healthy and inviting work environment, and are able to concentrate and perform better.

  1. Improves Sleep Length and Quality

A study of the effects of natural light in the office revealed that employees with exposure to natural light during the day slept an average of 46 minutes more per night than employees who did not have natural light exposure in the workplace. The sleep quality was also better, as exposure to sunlight helps to regulate our circadian rhythms, indicating to our bodies when to ‘switch off’ and sleep, rather than keeping us up tossing and turning at night.

  1. Greater Productivity

The same study also showed that employees exposed to natural sunlight during the day were more productive. Much research has shown the beneficial effect of sunlight on workplace productivity and students’ test scores, showing just how much natural sunlight affects our alertness and happiness.

  1. Better Quality of Life

Workers who receive adequate exposure to natural sunlight through windows or the use of tube skylights report better scores on questionnaires in relation to quality of life in terms of health and vitality, as well as sleep quality and duration. Needless to say, people who experience greater happiness, concentration, productiveness and success at school or in the workplace due to exposure to natural light, will have a better perceived quality of life and sense of vitality.

Experiencing the beneficial effects of natural light is essential to our health, so aim to bring more safe, filtered daylight into your home or workplace by installing light tube skylights to help sunlight reach each and every corner of your home or office.