Have the winter months left your home feeling dismal and gray? As spring arrives you may be starting to think of ways to improve your home, and making it a more inviting place to be in any season. One way to improve your home is with tube skylights, which offer natural daylighting to brighten your home. Here are five instant benefits you can enjoy by installing tube skylights in your home.

1. Improved Appearance

One reason to add tube skylights to your home for natural daylighting is that it will improve the appearance of your living spaces. Natural daylight enhances the true character of your interior design, creating an impression of spaciousness and the best color rendition. The warmth of bright daylighting from tube skylights makes your home feel more inviting, comfortable and natural.

2. Increased Safety

Some worry that skylights may not be a safe investment for their home, fearing that the skylight may leak when it rains. However, tube skylights are designed and installed to be water-tight. In fact, adding tube skylights to your home is one way to actually improve the safety. Tube skylights offer natural daylight to even the dimmest and most closed off areas of your home, such as stairways, hallways and basements, improving the ability to see in those spaces and reducing the risk of trips and falls.

3. Health Enhancing

Plants are not the only thing that needs natural daylight. All creatures, including humans, need daylight for health reasons. Sunlight helps your body produce Vitamin D which is essential for optimum health and wellbeing. Vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin because it needs the sunlight in order to be produced in your body. With more sunlight in your home thanks to tube skylights, you will feel healthier and happier.

4. Artisan Crafted Furniture

Chairs, couches, and tables are all important design items in modern homes to provide comfort, style, and taste. Furniture produced by and bought from large manufacturing companies struggle to adequately meet the evolving needs and desires of the people purchasing the items. Choosing to order distinct, artisan crafted furniture will allow a customer to receive a design item that is specially made for a certain area of the home, and designed with a specific style to be a reflection of the personality and characteristics of the home and the buyer. Your refined taste displayed by the combination of unique furniture, accompanied with the delicate beauty produced by natural daylight in your home will provide all the comfort and style you and your guests will need.

5. Structure Defying

As you look around your home, think about the spaces where you could use more light and would particularly benefit from more natural daylight. In spaces where there are no windows, or external walls, getting daylight in can be a challenge. But not for tube skylights. Due to their unique construction, tube skylights help you to defy the constraints of your existing structure by navigating through ceilings and wall spaces to capture light and bring it even into the deepest parts of your home.

Adding tube skylights offers so many benefits to your health, wellbeing, home ambiance and hip pocket. To find the best tube skylight design to offer value and benefit to your space, talk to our daylighting experts at Sola-Brite. With a range of incredible tube skylights and environmentally friendly LED options, you can find the ideal tube skylight solution to brighten your home.

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