We all know about the benefits that skylights provide during the daytime, but what benefit could your skylights offer at night? If you’re choosing Solatube skylights, you have the option of adding the Solar Electric Nightlight to your tube skylight for effective, eco-friendly lighting in your home, both day and night.

As one of the many valuable add-ons, you can customize your Solatube skylight with the Solatube Solar Electric Nightlight which offers these top five benefits.

Top Notch Technology

© 2014 Solatube International 2210 Oak Ridge Way | Vista, CA 92081-8341 | 888.765.2882Solatube always uses the latest technology in their products for reliable results, and the Solar Electric Nightlight is no exception. The Solar Electric NightLight integrates a photovoltaic solar panel that collects energy during the day, while natural daylight makes its way through the Solatube system to illuminate at home. This solar panel charges two AA nickel metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries that power the energy efficient LED bulbs in the Solar Electric Nightlight system. This solar-powered electric light is seamlessly integrated with the tube light system, for optimum aesthetics and function.

The onboard Dawn-to-Dusk Sensor tracks the amount of light entering the Solatube skylights. Once light levels drop to a certain point, the system automatically activates the two LED emitters in the NightLight. These highly efficient and long-lasting emitters never need replacing saving you the time and hassle of changing light bulbs. The energy efficient technology integrated in the solar Nightlight system means that under normal conditions, your NightLight will have enough energy to provide a gentle glow all night long.

Energy Savings

Solatube systems amplify natural light during the daytime so you can illuminate your home without electrically powered lights. This approach to daylighting is not only more energy efficient, it can also help you save hundreds every year on your utilities. Solatubes with the Solar Electric Nightlight let you save even more, with energy efficient lighting at all hours of the day. With the LED emitters powered by the rechargeable batteries, which are in turn powered by solar energy, you get a more environmentally friendly and economical solution both day and night.

Federal Tax Credit

Your decision to purchase a Solatube System along with the integrated Solar NightLight will not only save you on energy costs, it also qualifies for a 30% federal income tax credit against the purchase of your system. When you file your federal taxes, you will just need to file IRS Form 5695 along with your regular return and submit your receipt along with the manufacturer’s certification for the appropriate product.

Environmentally Friendly

Solatube skylights use the power of the sun to naturally light your home during the day, as well as harnessing solar power to be used at night. Using less electrical power not only saves you money, it protects the environment as well by reducing reliance on fossil fuels for energy. Your environmentally friendly lighting solution qualifies you for the federal tax credit, while giving you peace of mind in your eco-friendly home.

Increased Safety

Solatube Solar Electric Nightlight ensures that you not only benefit from lighting during the day, but that you have a solar powered nightlight to guide your steps at night as well. Closed interior spaces like hallways, closets and stairways benefit from Solatube light during the day, but the Solar Electric nightlight also helps you to safely navigate these spaces in the dark of night. Trips and falls in poorly lit areas of the home are a major source of injury and accident. By providing gentle light all night, the Solar Electric Nightlight keeps you safe when you must walk down the hall to the bathroom at night. Keeping a nightlight on at home also helps to discourage thieves, reducing the risk of break-ins at your home.

If you’re thinking about adding a skylight to your home, choose a Solatube system with a solar electric nightlight, for smart, energy efficient lighting for your home that lasts both day and night.

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