The bathroom may not be the first place in your home that you might think about needing natural light, but it’s actually one of the rooms in which sunlight can make the biggest difference. Often home designers don’t even think about having natural light in the bathroom, and the bathroom can end up being an internal room with no natural light at all. Seeing as this is the only room in your house you may spend some of your time locked inside, why not make it beautiful? Here we look at the ways natural light can turn your bathroom into a stunning sanctuary.

Task Precision

Even if your bathroom is in the depth of your home, you can still channel natural light to whatever part of your home you want, by using innovative and cost effective solar tube technology. These tube lights work like skylights, however they more effectively transfer and magnify natural light while minimizing the heat transfer and glare that can come with regular skylights.

This makes tube lighting perfect for bringing clear illumination to those bathroom tasks like brushing teeth or shaving with precision. With a range of fittings and styles to choose from, solar tube lights are the perfect solution for natural light in the bathroom.

Perfect Makeup

Any makeup aficionado will know that natural light is really important for getting those daytime makeup looks right. Having the advantage of natural sunlight in your bathroom lets you see how your makeup will look when you get outside, without having to lean next to the nearest window or run in and outdoors to see how your makeup looks.

Natural sunlight funneled into your bathroom from a Solatube offers the ideal lighting solution for perfect makeup looks every time.

Shower Sanctuary

There’s nothing like a shower first thing in the morning to wake you up and get you ready for the day ahead. By bringing natural sunlight into the shower with you, you can bathe in refreshing golden drops of sunshine along with the warm water to invigorate mind and body, giving you the best start to the day.

The advantage of tube sky lights like Solatube is that they also offer a ventilation fan installation that helps to keep your shower free from humidity, dampness and mold as well as bringing light into the room.

Illuminate The Space

Bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in our homes, but that doesn’t mean they have to feel that way. Having natural light fill and illuminate the bathroom is a great way to make the space seem bigger and brighter, as dispersed ambient natural light reaches better into each and every corner of the room.

Skylights can help to bring natural light to your bathroom, but if your bathroom is deep within the house, you may need a solar tube to channel the sunlight from your roof to your bathroom.

No matter the size, location or style of your bathroom, adding natural light can help to make the space more useful and inviting, turning the humble bathroom into one of the most valuable rooms in your home.


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