3 Benefits Of A Solatube Daylight Dimmer That Will Change the Way You See Daylighting

Love natural daylighting but wish it could do the same thing as your electric lighting fixtures? Want an innovative skylight solution that matches your electric lighting design? With a daylight dimmer you get all the benefits of pure, natural sunlight. You also gain the functionality and performance of electric light design. These 3 benefits of Solatube Daylight Dimmers will change how you see daylighting.

Matches Your Lighting Design

The Solatube Daylight dimmer lets you dim the level of sunlight entering your home through a tube skylight. This provides endless opportunities to adjust the natural daylighting level within your home. For years electric lighting has provided dimming capability to offer low light levels on demand.

With the Solatube Daylight Dimmer, you can get complete dimming capability with your tube skylight, allowing you to adjust the level of natural light entering your home.

Convenient and Simple Operation

Up until now, closing a skylight has been a difficult and inconvenient operation. Blocking off the light access in the past involved heavy and hard to operate blinds or shutters, and possibly even the need to climb on a ladder.

A tube skylight dimmer allows you to adjust the level of natural daylight with a simple flick of a Cutaway of roof, attic, and cieling where there is a solatube installed.switch. This offers incomparable control and precision over the level of light in your home, with an easy and instantaneous result. The daylight dimmer fits seamlessly inside the light tube and is equipped with unique butterfly valves. The vales are controlled by a low voltage wall-mounted switch. These flaps move to intricately control the amount of natural daylight coming though your tube skylight. Settings range from fully opened brightness, to completely closed, or any point in between.

Cuts Out Light Pollution

One of the greatest issues with traditional skylights is that they usually don’t close easily. This means that at night time, when you might prefer total darkness in your rooms, outdoor light sources such as the moon or street lights will enter your home. This is called light pollution, because these light sources can disturb your sleep and prevent your home being as dark at night as you would like. Installing a dimmer on your tube skylights not only allows you to control light sources during the day, but also allows you to shut off the light source during the night. This prevents light pollution that can cause disturbance to sleep habits, insuring you a more relaxing and restful night’s sleep.

The daylight dimmer from Solatube offers a revolution in natural daylighting. The dimmer lets you control the precise level of light in your home from natural sources. Call your local Solatube dealer to learn more about what a daylight dimmer can do for the rooms in your home.

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