Between sitting in class, sitting at work, resting at home, or going out to shop and eat, most of us spend most of our time indoors. Research shows that the average person spends over two-thirds of their time inside every week. With so much of our time spent indoors, the air you breathe matters. It becomes important to keep indoor air fresh, clean and healthy. That’s why ventilation is such an important aspect of your home.

Here are the Top 3 Benefits of Ventilating your Home.

1. Decreases Air Pollutants

While you might think your home is safe and secure, the closed space makes it easy for harmful irritants to accumulate. These can be brought in through pollution in the air or on shoes, or they may come from items you bring into your home, like harsh cleaning products. With no ventilation, these fumes and irritants have nowhere to go and can build up in the airspace of your home, causing health problems. Adding proper ventilation to your home is really the only way to clear out these irritants, along with regular cleaning with low-irritant/hypoallergenic or chemical-free cleaning products.

2. Reduces Common Allergens

Many people are wary of outdoor allergens, such as pollen. However, there are many indoor allergens too, including pet dander and dust mites. These allergens are designed to cling to surfaces like carpets, rugs and soft furnishings, lingering in your home for long periods of time. In sensitive individuals, these allergens can trigger acute or long-term reactions which severely impact health and wellbeing. Every time you clean, vacuum or walk through an area in your home, these allergens can be stirred up, triggering yet another reaction. Ventilation is really the best way to clear allergens from your home and to promote healthier, more breathable air.

3. Releases Trapped Moisture

In addition to pollutants and allergens, moisture can also accumulate in your home. The average family of four can produce between 22 and 30 pounds of moisture each day, primarily through activities such as bathing and cooking, but breathing alone also contributes. Moisture trapped within the home can lead to condensation, water damage and ice dams, and promotes the growth of mold and mildew which can be detrimental to health and home appearance. Ventilation helps to release trapped moisture, clearing the air and drying out your home to prevent moisture damage and mold growth.

How to Improve Ventilation

Now that you know how important efficient ventilation is, how do you improve your home’s ventilation. Modern options for home ventilation go beyond just open doors and windows. Here are our top choices.

Solar Attic Fans

Solar attic fans provide an efficient and effective way to circulate indoor air, removing moisture and keeping your house at the right temperature. Relying on the power of the sun, solar attic fans are more eco-friendly than older electric models.

Whole House Fans

Whole house fans help to maintain home temperatures and ventilate the air. Because they work through the entire structure of your home, they can achieve between 30 and 60 complete air changes per hour. This makes whole house fans a highly effective choice for improved ventilation.

Ventilated skylights

Skylights that can be opened for ventilation are like windows for your roof. They can help to create cross-currents within your home to promote ventilation, and naturally, release the warmest and most humid air because they are high on your ceiling. Some models from Velux skylights offer options for traditional style skylights that open and close either electronically or manually, and some even use solar power to open and close for greater energy efficiency.

While simply opening doors, windows and skylights can provide passive home ventilation, sometimes you need a little extra help to get airflow through your home. These options are also not practical during inclement weather, such as when it is too hot or too cold or when there’s rain or snow. Whole house fans and solar attic fans provide the ideal solution for more effective, active ventilation all year round.

Finding the right ventilation solution while balancing the needs of your family and home can be tricky, which is why the ventilation and skylight experts at Solabrite are here to help.

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