A Solatube Daylighting System is the easy, low maintenance and economical way to add natural daylight to your home’s dark interior spaces. The Solatube Daylighting System reduces the energy used in your home, is quick and easy to install, is virtually leakproof, and specific models even qualify for a 30% federal tax credit.

But that’s not all. The Solatube Daylighting System offers the opportunity to include a number of add-ons that make the Solatube skylights even better. Here are 3 of the most popular and useful add-ons you should consider for your Solatube skylight.

1. Ventilation Kit

The bathroom, kitchen, or utility room areas usually involve water, steam and a lot of moisture. These rooms are at the most significant risk for moisture damage such as mold, rot, ice dams, and leaks. This moisture can also cause damage to your Solatube system and other home fixtures and fittings, particularly in colder climates and during the winter. Add natural sunlight while removing excess moisture by adding the Ventilation Kit to your Solatube unit.

The Ventilation Kit is capable of moving 110 cubic feet of air per minute, which will drastically reduce the risk of moisture and condensation damage to your Solatube as well as the surrounding areas of the ceiling, attic, and roof. For the highest efficiency and to reduce the flow of humid air back into the room, combine the Ventilation Kit with the Roof Vent Cap.

Daylight dimmer solabrite

2. Daylight Dimmer Kit

Having bright, natural daylight fills the rooms of your home can completely change the atmosphere. It helps colors of your interior design pop, makes you feel more energized, and can even improve your mood and productivity. However, there are times during daylight hours that you may want to dim the lights – to watch a movie, help children nap, or simply to rest. The Daylight Dimmer Kit is designed for just this scenario. The Daylight Dimmer can reduce the amount of light allowed into the room by up to 98% when it is fully closed. This will enable you to improve your personal comfort at any time of day.

3. Light Kit

If you want the option for light from your Solatube skylight in the evenings, even after the sun has gone down, consider the Light Add-On Kit. The kit adds either a single or twin 26-watt compact fluorescent bulb, depending on the model of your Daylighting System. If you have the larger, 290 DS model, the kit allows for two lighting levels, with single or double bulb lighting; allowing you to decide the right amount of light for your nighttime needs.

The bulbs are easy to replace, requiring only a ladder and the new bulbs. Integrating your electric lighting with your Solatube system results in streamlined lighting design and simple, yet effective operation. This feature can also be combined with the Daylight Dimmer described above, so you can have energy efficient light, or comfortable darkness, whenever you need it.

If you are having Solatube skylights installed or if you already have a Solatube in your home, talk to your installation specialist to determine what Add-on kits may fit your home and personal needs. With personalized advice and a custom solution, you can get even more enjoyment and value from your Solatube skylights.

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