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How To Remove Your Solar Tube Diffuser For Easy Cleaning And Repairs

One of the greatest benefits of Solatube skylights is that they are extremely easy to care for and maintain. In fact, due to the fully enclosed design and the Solatube’s unique watertight construction and impact resistant composition, cleaning should not be necessary for properly installed Solatube skylights. Occasionally Solatubes can become clouded by dust [...]

February 3rd, 2017|Solar tubes & Daylighting|0 Comments

Pros and Cons: Solar Tubes Vs. Skylights

There's no better way to bring more natural light into your home than with a skylight or solar tube. But is a traditional skylight or solar tube better for your home and your needs? While there are advantages and disadvantage of each type of daylighting system, choosing the right type for your home will [...]

January 27th, 2017|Solar tubes & Daylighting|0 Comments

What Size Solar Tube Is Right For Your Space?

Installing tube skylights is one of the most energy efficient and cost effective ways to light your home naturally. Not to mention, natural sunlight can breathe new life into a space and illuminate even the darkest corners of your home. But you may still be left wondering “What size solar tube do I need?” [...]

January 20th, 2017|Solar tubes & Daylighting|0 Comments

Traditional, Velux or Solatube: What Is the Best Skylight Option For Your Home?

Skylights make an excellent addition to any home, naturally brightening dark homes with sunlight and providing an energy free source of illumination. But which is the best skylight option for your home? Some of the most popular options are traditional skylights, Velux skylights, and Solatube tube skylights. Here we compare these options for lighting [...]

January 13th, 2017|Solar tubes & Daylighting|0 Comments

3 Ways Tube Skylights Can Help At Night Too

Tubular skylights are the ideal fitting to maximize daylight in your home or business. By capturing and maximizing natural daylight and bringing it into even the darkest rooms, you can save resources and energy while naturally lighting your home. But can tube skylights actually be useful at night as well? Although tube skylights can't [...]

January 7th, 2017|Solar tubes & Daylighting|0 Comments

3 Benefits Of A Solatube Daylight Dimmer That Will Change the Way You See Daylighting

Love natural daylighting but wish it could do the same thing as your electric lighting fixtures? Want an innovative skylight solution that matches your electric lighting design? With a daylight dimmer you get all the benefits of pure, natural sunlight. You also gain the functionality and performance of electric light design. These 3 benefits of Solatube [...]

December 23rd, 2016|Solar tubes & Daylighting|0 Comments

Feel Blue In Winter? Tube Skylights Can Boost Your Mood

If you notice that your mood, energy and vitality seems to slump in the winter time you’re not alone. Every year, millions of people suffer from low mood when winter comes around, while around 10-20% people develop seasonal affective disorder, a recognized condition causing low mood during the darker, shorter winter days. While a dip [...]

5 Ways Daylight Can Help During the Holiday Season

The holiday season can be both joyful and stressful. There's always more to do, more to plan, more parties and more commitments, yet at the same time, the days are getting shorter and colder. Keeping energy and productiveness high as the end of the year approaches is essential to enjoying a smooth and fulfilling holiday [...]

December 9th, 2016|Solar tubes & Daylighting|0 Comments

Here’s Why You Need An Attic Fan In Winter

Attic fans are often installed by homeowners to remove hot air buildup in the roof space during the summer. But many homeowners don't realize that attic fans are just as important during the winter months when the weather is starting to cool down. For winters in California where temperatures can easily fluctuate between freezing and [...]

December 2nd, 2016|Solar tubes & Daylighting|0 Comments

How Much Can Tube Skylights Save?

Skylights are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners for their ability to be a source of natural daylight that reduces the need for electric lighting and creates a beautiful atmosphere. With growing interest in creating environmentally friendly homes and reducing utility usage, natural daylighting is a priority for remodelers, builders and new home buyers. But how [...]

November 26th, 2016|Solar tubes & Daylighting|0 Comments