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Decorative Options for Daylighting Fixtures

Daylighting is one of the best ways to increase natural daylight in your home while reducing the use of electricity for lighting. While sunlight helps to naturally add beauty to your space, decorative options for daylighting fixtures can help make your skylights blend in with your home decor and environment. Here we look at [...]

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Do Tube Skylights Work On All Roof Materials And Slopes?

Choosing a tube skylight for your home or business is an excellent investment in natural, environmentally friendly daylighting. Tube skylights consist of a rooftop collection dome, a reflective sunlight transmission tube, and a decorative fixture and sunlight outlet inside the home. The sunlight collection dome needs to be positioned in the ideal way to [...]

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3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Mood Now

We all want to be happier, healthier and more productive. But sometimes even little things like a difficult situation at work, a home in need of tidying, or a gloomy day can get us feeling down. Knowing that you can boost your mood with some simple actions you can do at home can really help [...]

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Can Solatubes Help to Reduce My Electricity Spending?

Tube skylights are the ideal addition to bring daylight into your home, while reducing energy costs. Light tubes work in many ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency while also directly reducing energy costs by replacing electric lighting with natural daylighting. Solar tubes are also relatively inexpensive to install particularly when compared to traditional [...]

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The Benefits of Solar Vacuum Tubes

Solar Vacuum Tubes Solar tubes are a tremendously popular, energy efficient energy solution for homes and workplaces across the country. A veteran, and yet emerging force in the solar community are the solar vacuum tubes. Solar Vacuum Tubes are known for their energy-efficiency prowess and they are quickly becoming highly sought after solutions by [...]

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Best Ways to Brighten Up Compact Spaces

The construction and design themes we encounter today make our living spaces more limited and congested. We often have less space than the materials that we want to put into our space. It is important to maximize the smaller spaces in our homes by preventing our smaller spaces from becoming too dark or too cramped. [...]

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Examples Of Incorporating Daylighting In Homes

Daylighting can help to reduce energy usage and costs for homes, while providing a healthier and more attractive source of natural light. For optimum home energy savings, the goal is to replace all daytime electric lighting with natural daylight. This helps to drastically reduce energy usage, and provides a more beautiful and natural interior environment. [...]

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How Daylighting Helps Create Better Business

Daylighting using skylights or windows has been shown to be extremely beneficial for businesses. Not only does daylighting allow business to harness natural sunlight as a light source to save on energy, it also makes businesses more appealing for both workers and customers. Daylighting provides an ideal solution to help businesses save on resources and [...]

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How Daylighting Can Be Incorporated Into Schools

Daylighting provides a number of outstanding benefits for schools and colleges. Not only does daylighting allow schools to save money on lighting utilities, natural light has repeatedly been shown to improve student's performance and wellbeing. There are a number of different options for schools looking to incorporate more daylight into their structures. Here we look [...]

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How To Remove Your Solar Tube Diffuser For Easy Cleaning And Repairs

One of the greatest benefits of Solatube skylights is that they are extremely easy to care for and maintain. In fact, due to the fully enclosed design and the Solatube’s unique watertight construction and impact resistant composition, cleaning should not be necessary for properly installed Solatube skylights. Occasionally Solatubes can become clouded by dust [...]

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