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Will the Sunlight that Comes Through a Solatube Work for Growing Plants?

Indoor plants can make your home more peaceful, beautiful and healthy. If the primary natural light source in your home is from tube skylights, can indoor plants still grow and flourish? Different plants have different light and UV requirements which will determine how they react to a tube skylight. Here we examine the factors [...]

Which Solatube and Velux Products Qualify for The Federal Tax Credit?

If you’re looking to take advantage of the Federal Solar Tax Credit (previously known as the Investment Tax Credit), you’re in luck. The tax credit which was set to expire at the end of 2016 has extended so you can continue to receive a tax credit up to 30% of the cost of various [...]

Does the Length of the Tubing Affect the Light Output in a Solatube?

Two of the most significant features of the Solatube skylight tube are its high specular reflectance and the ability for the flexible tubing to travel long distances in a building, including through multiple levels. However, does the length of the tubing diminish the light output from the Solatube light tube? Here we look at [...]

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How are SolaTubes Different?

Solatube skylights aren't your ordinary skylights or roof windows. From their design to their effects, Solatube skylights are unique and revolutionary. But what is it that makes Solatube skylights different? Check out the unique design characteristics of Solatube skylights and how they can make a difference to your home or office. Ease of Installation [...]

Will A Solar Attic Fan Help During The Winter?

Attic fans are popular for allowing air flow through your attic and preventing your attic from overheating during the hot summer months. Solar attic fans are more efficient because they use the sun's natural energy to power the fan. Can a solar attic fan be helpful during the cooler, winter months as well? How [...]

5 Best Places To Install A Solatube In A House

Designed to maximize daylight and direct it straight to the areas of the home where you need it most, Solatube skylights are the ideal tool to brighten up your home. But where should you install a Solatube skylight to get the maximum benefits? Here we look at the five best places to install a [...]

Are Tax Credits Available for Tube Skylights?

Switching to natural lighting and energy sources is better for your home and the environment. That's why the Federal Government is offering the solar tax credit to incentivize switching to more environmentally friendly lighting and power solution. Installing a Solatube skylight with integrated solar powered lights qualifies for the federal tax credit and can give [...]

How do I Clean the Diffuser and Tube of my Tube Skylights?

With the end of Summer in sight, you may have spring cleaning on your mind. Keeping the diffusers and tubes of your tube skylights spotless and dust free keeps the performance of your tube skylights functioning optimally. The 'tube' component of your tube skylight should remain sealed and clean, as long as it's been [...]

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4 Easy Steps to Preparing Your Home for Fall

It’s hard to think about the fact the temperatures will soon be dropping while the days remain long and warm in summer. But as we come into the last weeks of summer, it is the perfect time to start thinking about prepping your home for fall. Make your home more comfortable, welcoming, and safe [...]

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Decorative Options for Daylighting Fixtures

Daylighting is one of the best ways to increase natural daylight in your home while reducing the use of electricity for lighting. While sunlight helps to naturally add beauty to your space, decorative options for daylighting fixtures can help make your skylights blend in with your home decor and environment. Here we look at [...]

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