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4 Steps to Deciding if a Solar Attic Fan is Right for Your Home

Finding the right solution to keeping your home cool in summer can mean more than just relying on air conditioning. Solar powered attic fans are one alternate option that can help by removing hot stuffy air from your attic space, keeping adjacent spaces in the home cool as well. Replacing hot attic air with [...]

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4 Ways You Can Prepare For The Summer Heat Now

Spring is upon us and summer is just around the corner. Increasing temperatures may have your thoughts turning towards how to keep your home cool when the heat of summer is in full-force. Bad memories of your sky-high electric bills from running your air conditioning last summer may still be in the back of [...]

5 Ways to Increase Your Home Value on Any Budget

Many homeowners know that remodeling can help to improve a home and boost its value. On the other hand, remodeling can also be expensive. National research reveals that homeowners spend somewhere between $17,170 - $60,507 on home remodels[1].While this kind of home improvement investment may be out of reach for many, there are ways to [...]

4 Green Ways to Keep Your Home Cool & Comfortable

A hot stuffy home can be uncomfortable and unhealthy, and cause restless days and sleepless nights during the warmest months of the year. Air conditioning is often turned to as the solution for cooling a hot home, but running your air conditioner can cost you hundreds in utility bills with regular usage. In fact, air [...]

6 Incredible Benefits of a Solar Powered Attic Fan

Attic fans are popular with home owners who want to lower the temperature of their homes, keep their attic dry and ventilated and preserve the integrity of their roof. Appropriate attic ventilation can also help to protect goods stored in the attic and prevent the formation of mold and rot. However, few homeowners realize how [...]

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Could A Whole House Fan Be The Right Choice for Cooling Your Home This Summer?

With summer temperatures set to push the mercury even higher this summer, many homeowners are thinking about how they will keep their homes cool and comfortable in the hot weather, while not blowing the budget on energy hungry air conditioning. A whole house fan offers a quiet, efficient and effective way to cool your whole [...]

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4 Key Ways A Well Ventilated Attic Makes a Safer, Healthier Home

Although many people wouldn’t think of it, balancing the air temperature inside and outside the roof of a home is essential to helping your roof stay secure and last longer, as well as creating a healthy atmosphere throughout your home. Unfortunately, the majority of homes in the U.S. don’t have properly ventilated roofs, which can [...]

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3 Innovative Ways to Reduce Energy Usage in Your Home

With the high cost of utilities and mounting environmental concerns, one of today’s greatest priorities for both homes and businesses is reducing energy usage. Many home buyers are looking for a home with environmentally conscious features and energy star ratings, because they understand this promotes both financial and ecological sustainability in the long term. With [...]